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The 5 Gucci Handbags That Have Conquered The World!

The name of the Italian brand Gucci has been synonymous with luxury clothing and luxury accessories for many decades. It all started in the far 1920s…
Today, Gucci bags and clutches are cult fashion items and they represent a unique page in the world of fashion!

Let’s take a closer look at the most iconic and sensational models of Gucci bags.
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Jackie O
This bag was made famous by outstanding Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis: this is a practical and versatile model that perfectly suits a business woman look.
Classic Jackie O is made of textile material with leather patches in functional places – on the bottom edge and on the handle. The textile part of the bag is decorated with brand print.

Bamboo is completely hard shell and resembles a small trunk.
Its main feature is its round small handle made of curved bamboo. The buckle can also be made of bamboo, as well as the fastenings for decorative leather brushes on the side of the handbag in the bag’s modern versions.

Joy Boston Bag
Being large and spacious and having neat shape, this option is more suitable for travel lovers or for those who are accustomed to carry a lot of necessary things around with them.
The most popular design of Joy Boston Bag is beige textiles with the Gucci logo, a short leather handle that seamlessly flows into two straps on each side of the bag.

This soft trapezoidal bag with a wider lower part is equipped with a short, round handle, so that its shape really resembles a stirrup. In order to create new collections of Stirrup handbags Frida Giannini, the creative director, looked for inspiration in the rich past of the brand finding half-forgotten models in the archives. She gave new life to these bags making them super popular again.

Gucci 1973
Despite its name, this clutch was released in 2010. However, its creators found inspiration in a retro idea – the previously mentioned logo in the form of two letters G that became the central decoration of the clutch.

Instead of a handle, the clutch features a popular chain. There is another version of this model – a small bag with a leather handle of medium length, also decorated with a golden brand logo in the foreground.

Today, Gucci bags are represented in a variety of options and color solutions and depending on them, they will suit both a teenage fashionista and a serious lady!


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