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The Dangerous Man In North Korea By Reuben Abati

Kim Jong-un

Read his piece below…

When our public officials fall asleep while attending a meeting, or an official function, the standard Nigerian reaction is to have a hearty laugh at their expense. Harmless laughter. You’d remember many photographs of our lawmakers turning the National Assembly into an extension of their bedrooms, sometimes snoring loudly in the middle of a heated and loud debate: not that many of them would be of much use anyway even if they were awake.
Governors, commissioners, high ranking government officials have also all been caught at one time or the other, sleeping on duty.  Well, those whose circadian switches go off like that should count themselves really lucky they are Nigerians. If they were to try that in North Korea, they will face the firing squad!
Yes, in North Korea, such careless sleeping attracts the death penalty.  In that country of 25 million people, there is a despot in power. He is Kim Jong-un. At 32, he is the world’s youngest leader but probably the most dangerous man in the world.  He rules his country like a concentration camp and continues to commit some of the world’s most frightening crimes against humanity. Human lives mean nothing to him.  He is so desperately paranoid, the slightest  act of irritation in his presence could make him commit murder. His word is law. He is supreme commander, judge and executioner.
I was literally shivering when I read the latest horror story from Kim Jong-un’s North Korea. Two high-ranking officials were ordered executed by the dictator.  Ri Yong Jin, a senior official at the Ministry of Education, was accused of putting up an “inappropriate posture” while “The Marshal” was delivering a speech. Ri Yong Jin’s crime was that he dozed off.  Former Agriculture Minister, Hwang Min’s crime was that he dared to disagree with Kim’s guidelines for designing a working policy on agriculture.  He developed his own ideas. He used his own initiative. He was accused of trying to undermine the leader.  Both Jin and Min were marched to the stakes within 24 hours and executed with anti-aircraft guns.  Kim Jong-un is not satisfied with an ordinary gun; his victims have to face anti-aircraft guns, and you can imagine the impact of such a special purpose gun, targeted at a human being.      
Since assuming office in 2011, Kim Jong-un has murdered more than 70 persons, including elite government officials who all lived in fear.  His own uncle, Jang Song-taek, was one of the earliest victims at the beginning of his dictatorship. Others include a military officer who was executed for drinking during the official mourning period for Kim Jong II, Kim Jong-un’s father, and the proximate genetic source of his megalomania.  In 2015, the architect who designed a new airport terminal in Pyongyang was executed because Marshal Kim did not like his design! And Ri Yong Jin won’t be the first man to die for succumbing to the call of nature. In April, former Defence Minister Hyong Yong-Choi also faced the firing squad for falling asleep during an event.  The North Korean Human Rights situation is a threat to the whole of mankind. The use of execution, extra-judicial killing, torture and forced labour as tools of political control is one of the worst abuses of power ever known.
The United States has imposed sanctions on Kim Jong-un. The United Nations has also officially condemned his atrocities, but Kim Jong-un is dangerous, again because of the nuclear power and missiles at his disposal.  Starkly egoistic as he is, he could throw the world into utter chaos, were he to press a nuclear button. The United Nations Security Council has an obligation to take the situation in North Korea more seriously.  Kim Jong-un’s matter should be an urgent matter of concern for the International Criminal Court (ICC).

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