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The Third Alleged R. Kelly Underage Sex Tape Has Been Turned Over To Authorities

CHICAGO, IL – MAY 07: R. Kelly performs during The Buffet Tour at Allstate Arena on May 7, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images)

Following R. Kelly’s appearance on a CBS News special that gave the R&B singer the opportunity to address sexual abuse allegations, a press conference (March 10) detailed a new sex tape that has been turned over to the authorities, USA Today reports.

Gary Dennis, who turned over the tape, found the VHS in a box full of old sports tapes. While sorting through his collection, he came across a tape labeled “R. Kelly.” Dennis assumed he would be treated to footage of the 52-year-old in concert, but to his surprise images of Kelly engaging in lude acts with an underage girl appeared instead.

“I thought it was a recording of a R. Kelly concert. I watched the sports on the tape and then continued to watch what I thought would be an R. Kelly concert,” Dennis said. “To my shock and surprise, R. Kelly appeared to be on the tape but not in concert. Instead, he was sexually abusing underage African American girls. He was telling them what to do and what to say and it appeared that he was in control of the camera.”

According to Dennis’ lawyer, Gloria Allred, the tape is the third one to reach the public where Kelly is alleged to be having sex with underage girls. Dennis, who is still unaware of how the tape landed in his possession, maintains that he has never met Kelly. Allred did allude that more than one tape has been recovered with Kelly on it.

Kelly’s lawyer, Steve Greenberg, said, “R. Kelly denies that he is on any tape with underaged girls. The doubt here is self-evident, with reporting that the man on the tape kinda, sorta looks like R Kelly. That doesn’t make it him. It is not him. It is obviously now just open season on R. Kelly. It is irresponsible to continue to take the speculation of every Tom, Dick and Harry, and report it as if it is fact.”

Kelly is currently being charged with 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse, which resulted in a three-day arrest before the “Ignition” singer was released on a $100,000 bond.

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