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Need a Visa? No Problem..

BasePlus Global Initiative is a dynamic solutions initiative that constantly aim to provide relevant, cost effective, inspiring services and tailored solutions to the needs and budgets of those we serve..

Our principle is based on extensive industry knowledge and expertise developed over the years. At Base-Plus Global Initiative, it is the collective knowledge and experience of our team that provides the unparalleled insight and understanding from which each of our creative and cost-effective ideas and solutions are birthed.

Need a Visa? No problem. We will get you your Dubai Visa in 48-72 hours with no sweat. Whether it’s for business, vacation, wedding or in search of greener pastures, we’ve got you covered.

Want to Study Abroad and have been rejected? No problem.. We will get you admitted into some of the best and cheapest schools that fits your budget and goals in “Trump’s” America, with no hassle.

– You are only a call/text away from making your dreams come true. Get the best and honest advice and services you never knew existed.

– NB: Become an Associate with BP, and make easy money for yourself, refer a friend, relation, colleague, even your enemy, if you need it that bad.

+234 (80) 3604 7339
+234 (80) 9760 4754

Base-Plus Global Consult – Providing Solutions with INTEGRITY!‎

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