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WATCH: Tonto Dikeh breaks down in tears, as she opens up on marriage crash

Tonto Dikeh has opened up on her marital breakdown admitting Rosaline Meurer is responsible from the break down of her marriage ,she also shared proof of domestic abuse.

Speaking to Mediahub TV,she said she knows her husband and Rosy are inlove as she has pictures of them on vacation abroad while he has never done that for her. She also says he bought Rosaline the car she posted on Instagram.

She also revealed he lied to her about not having a child or being married before and said recently, two women have contacted her that they have children for him.One says her child is 9 months old and the other is two years..

She says 2 weeks ago he moved old men from her village asking them to beg her and two hours later she saw a post by his PA called Paul,claiming she left the house with his property.

She says she left his home without a pin,no car or money…and she had to beg for help ,even down the clothes she wears…She however admits she seized one car and sold it off to give her son a better life.She is being threatened by him that the car must be returned .

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