Things you can do to make women obsess over you: The tricks for attracting the opposite sex has long been an intriguing topic. Some guys seem completely clueless when it comes to interacting with women, while others have all the luck. People occasionally believe that success with women is linked to money and physical appearance, but there’s more to it than that; being a considerate person with a good personality works even better than simply throwing money around…

While there is no special secret of what you can do to attract a girl, there are some simple things that can help you drive her crazy. Actions as simple and obvious as being a good friend can make you more appealing. However, some guys think that if they’re too nice they’ll be put in the friend-zone, but if the chemistry isn’t there, there isn’t anything you can do to change it. While being nice can take you pretty far, science can probably take you the rest of the way. Science has shown that there is some truth to the adage that beautiful people have it easy, but even if you weren’t born with movie-star good looks, there are other things you can do to be more attractive to women… And they’re surprisingly easy. Check out the tips below on how to drive a girl crazy (in a good way).

10. Ride a roller coaster with her


If you’re looking for somewhere to take her on one of your first few dates, why not go somewhere fun that’s scientifically proven to make you seem more attractive? A couple of years ago, 1,000 random people were surveyed to determine if the endorphins released in roller coaster riders impacted human perception. The study found that the participants found their non-romantic co-riders to be more attractive after the ride. However, those who were already romantically involved didn’t have a change in perception. So if you’re hoping to spark a connection after a death defying ride, you had better do it in the beginning. Take her to the amusement park and she’ll think you’re fun and way hot.

9. Be a little mysterious

You’ve heard people say you should play hard to get and others combat the idea saying it’s annoying and a waste of time, but science is here to clear the air. Playing hard to get DOES, in fact, make women more interested in you. The key is to find the balance between too aloof and too eager. If you play too hard, she’ll give up because she’ll think you aren’t interested at all. A study published in Psychological Science found that women are more attracted to men when they aren’t sure how strong the guy’s feelings are toward them. If you hold back some of your feelings, women are more likely to keep thinking about you (to try to determine what’s up) and eventually conclude they like you since they can’t get you out of their head. Obviously this isn’t true for all women and you have to strike the perfect balance so you better start practicing now.

8. Chill out

Being calm isn’t just good for your heart, it’s good for your love life too. Another study found that women are significantly more attracted to men who are calm than those who are always stressed out. When a man is able to handle a stressful situation in a calm manner it shows women that they’re strong and have a good genetic makeup that can be passed along to children. While you’re at it, stop smiling all the time. Having a more calm and thoughtful look on your face is more attractive to women than is smiling all the time. After all, women do like a bad boy.

7. Brush your teeth

This one seems pretty obvious, but it’s important for more than fresh breath. White and evenly spaced teeth could help you snag the girl of your dreams. A study performed by Leeds University found that teeth are extremely important, they function as the “peacock’s tail” of the human body. Having nice teeth shows your potential mate that you’re healthy and have good genes that any girl would want. If your teeth are crooked and yellow, look into Invisalign and white strips and that could seriously up your game.

6. Be funny


No scientific study behind this one, it’s just nice to be around people with a good sense of humor. Everyone loves someone who can make them laugh because it’s fun and lessens tension. Making jokes signifies you have a light-hearted personality, which shows people you aren’t stressed and try to enjoy life and make the most of things. However, don’t take it too far. Girls hate when guys can’t stop joking in serious moments. You have to know when to cut it out and get serious; there’s a time and place for everything. So while you’re great at being funny, just realize it isn’t always helpful or you’ll cross the line from enjoyable to immature.

5. Get that 5 o’clock shadow

That beard craze that’s going around? Not that many girls are actually into it. There have actually been quite a few studies on the matter that have concluded a few different things. A study in the Oxford Journal concluded men with bearded faces are simply seen as less attractive than men with smooth faces. It also determined that men with beards are seen as more aggressive and of a higher socio-economic status, but not more attractive. Another study was conducted in Australia and showed that women prefer men with heavy stubble than those with beards or completely smooth faces. They confirmed that beards affect perception and that a middle of the road stubble is the way to go. Although men with full beards are viewed as better potential fathers and more likely to protect their children.

4. Be presentable

Cargo shorts and flip flops are definitely not helping your game. While looks aren’t everything, the way you present yourself can really help you secure a girl. Women love a guy who can put himself together. It doesn’t have to be all the time, but it’s just nice to see you out of your basketball shorts and t-shirts. If you need some more convincing, science has proven that women respond to men in red because it shows authority, which implies higher levels of testosterone and that makes you more attractive. Dressing well also implies you’re driven and have goals because you have something important to do that warrants an actual outfit. Also, a fitted suit is just plain hot.

3. Hold a conversation

This one seems pretty obvious, but in today’s world human interactions are getting increasingly more awkward. People don’t seem to know how to express themselves without an emoji to tack on to a couple misspelled words. Being able to carry a conversation (even through lulls) is a refreshing trait. If you’re able to hold a proper conversation that’s even better. Knowing not to talk only about yourself, but to also ask about her is a huge thing that’s often over-looked. If you’re going to drone on and on about all you “amazing accomplishments” you’re going to look egotistical and that’s a huge turn-off.

2. Have goals


Ok, but more than that, have the drive to accomplish what you set out to and maybe a little more. We aren’t in high school anymore so hopefully you have some vision as to where your life is going. Whether you’re dreaming of a promotion or traveling more or the family you hope to have, being aware of the future and working toward something is attractive. It shows you have vision, determination and drive. Just like people in a job interview want to know where you’ll be in five years, so does a girl. It doesn’t matter if you actually reach what you set out to do because life changes and could throw you a huge curve ball, but as long as you’re working toward it and rolling with the punches, she’ll be really impressed.

1. Be thoughtful

It’s always such a huge surprise when a guy remembers something a girl said and acts on it. Remember the one time she said daisies are her favorite flower when you guys were walking past a florist? Well, if you turn that into action and bring her a bouquet of daisies she’ll be stunned that you were paying attention and did something about it. Being thoughtful is such a small and easy act that often gets overlooked, but it could be a huge part in making her obsess over you. The fact that you listened and cared enough to do something about it speaks volumes about you and will make you much more desirable. So next time she’s talking, be sure to actually listen and maybe you’ll feel like doing something special.



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