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WhatsApp is becoming the customer service tool of choice for Nigerian e-commerce

As e-commerce continues grows in Nigeria, a new challenge has emerged in how to efficiently execute returns and manage failed deliveries.

It’s the latest challenge for e-commerce platforms of all sizes in Nigeria that have free return policies similar to major players like Amazon in more advanced markets. But many struggle with taking steps to handle the process.

Jumia, one of the biggest e-commerce players in Nigeria, phones up individual customers that want to return products and offers them the option of keeping the ordered products and receiving shopping voucher of the amount spent.

WhatsApp is helping businesses overcome the trust barrier that hampers e-commerce growth in Nigeria. But rival online store, Konga recently introduced a feature that allows merchants to contact potential buyers via WhatsApp. While the company is yet to issue an official statement on the new feature, founder, Sim Shagaya, has suggested on social media the move part of bigger strategic move. Konga has already informed its merchants about the new WhatsApp feature via the Konga Community.

In a post on how sellers can use WhatsApp, Konga Community moderator, Teju Fola-Alade told merchants the new feature will assist in the handling after-sales issues.

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